The Biomonitor


The BIOMONITOR is an effective tool to help find negative or stuck energy in and around the body and energy field. It quickly pinpoints the unwanted energy hidden just below the level of conscious awareness. Because this method of discovery makes our work much faster than more traditional forms of counseling, my clients are amazed at the speed in which their issues are uncovered and resolved.

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1890 – Tarchanoff
Tarchanoff presented the first published paper on the psycho-galvanometer and it was one of the earliest tools of psychological research. The Tarchanoff Response is a change inDC potential across neurons of the autonomic nervous system connected to the sensory-motor strip of the cortex. This change was found to be related to the level of cortical arousal. This ilnstantaneous physiological response is different than the slower speed of a sweating response.

1906 – Carl Gustav Jung
One of the first references to the use of GSR instruments in psychoanalysis is in the book by Carl Jung, entitled Studies in Word Analysis, published in 1906. Here the Swiss psychologist describes a technique of connecting the subject, via hand-held electrodes, to an instrument measuring changes in the resistance of the skin.

1940 – Volney Matheson
Matheson’s research with lie-detectors in the 1940’s made it possible for him to invent a modern, sophisticated version of the GSR meter using the 1930’s discover of the valve amplifiers. Without amplification, this device was difficult to use. Matheson was a pioneer in the discovery that – all thought and emotion – were electrical in nature.